Design Resources

Architectural and Engineering Design Resources

We’ve put together some great design resources—all downloadable—that will make it easier to integrate innovative storage solutions with your space-planning designs.

Floor Load Handbook
This handbook is a guideline written for architects and engineers who review the floor system and determine its ability to safely support a compact, mobile filing system. TAB will provide suggestions and alternatives in order to successfully resolve a floor loading issue if one exists. Download the handbook here.

Architectural 3-Part Specifications
Request our 3-part templates to prepare a specification for any project. Available for 10671-Metal Storage Systems, 10672-Mechanical Assist Mobile Specifications, 10673-Electrical Mobile Specifications, and 10674-Sliding Metal Storage Specifications.
Architect & Design Binder Resource
Please contact us to request a printed binder or request the contents on a flash drive for your library. This binder contains the following sections:

  • Marketing Support: Features and Benefits
  • TAB System Specifier
  • SIDE-TRAC Mobile System Specifications
  • Modular Mobile Specifications
  • Installation Policy and Warranty
  • TAB Mobile System Complete Specification Guide
  • TAB Equipment Complete Specification Guide
  • TAB Floor Load Handbook
  • TAB Project Portfolio
  • L&T Shelving Specification Guide
  • Glossary of Terms
TAB CAD Symbols Library-List
Click here for a PDF list of TAB’s current CAD symbols and descriptions.
TAB CAD Symbols Library-Files
Download our CAD Symbols here.


General Storage Literature

Mobile Shelving Buyer’s Guide
How do you make sure you’re getting the mobile shelving solution that is right for your client’s organization? Start with this buyer’s guide. Download the guide here.
White Paper: Space Planning in RM—Doing More with Less
This guide has a full range of analysis, tips and solutions to help you plan out your storage so that you can maximize your existing space, save on storage costs, and make accessing your materials easy!
TAB’s Guide to Smarter Storage
Want to expand and enhance your client’s storage system? This guide will tell you what you need so you can make the right buying and design decisions when it comes to storage space and equipment.
Storage Solutions Brochure
This brochure summarizes each of TAB’s mobile and equipment product lines.
Innovative Storage Solutions Brochure
TAB’s Storage Solutions can reduce storage costs and improve space utilization.

If you’d like to speak with a consultant about how we can help your clients store more in less space, please contact us.