Green Storage Design

Can a storage system be “green”? Absolutely. As an example, high-density storage systems, or the compact storage concept, are “green” by their very nature, since they reduce storage and filing areas by 50% over traditional storage and filing methods. This means organizations have to create and use less space, which is a benefit to the environment.

At TAB, we recognize the importance of sustainability and are committed to protecting the environment by using basic principles in pollution prevention, waste minimization and elimination, as well as in recycling efforts.

So if you have a client looking to solve a storage challenge with a “green” solution, check out the resources below.

LEED How TAB Supports LEED
Working on a LEED project? Click here to find out how TAB’s high-density storage systems may assist in obtaining LEED credit.
green filing strategies and storage design White Paper: How to Design a Green File Storage Solution
Download this resource to get great strategies for designing and maintaining a file management solution based on equipment and supplies that can help reduce the environmental footprint of any organization.
Johnson Controls LEED Storage Project Manufacturing Case Study: TAB Helps Johnson Controls with LEED Certification
Johnson Controls, Inc. planned to become a LEED Platinum Certified complex, so they employed TAB to move and repurpose their file storage equipment—leaving only a single garbage can of waste at the end of the project! Read more here.
storage equipment using less steel How Much Steel to Store Records?
Read this article about greener solutions from TAB! How high-density storage uses 50% less steel and 50% less space than traditional filing methods.
waste reduction sustainability certificate TAB Recognized for Corporate Environmental Initiatives
TAB was recognized with a waste reduction sustainability certificate for our corporate environmental initiatives to reduce solid waste in support of ISO 14001 objectives.
Green RM Self-Assessment Tool
Answering the questions in our assessment tool will help you determine how green your records management program is and help put your organization on the path to more eco-friendly records management.
Tips for a Green Records Management Program White Paper: Tips for a Green RM Program
This resource has everything you need to develop an environmentally friendly records management program that manages paper, electronic and other media across each phase of their life cycle.
Tips for a Green Records Management Program Principles for Environmentally Friendly Records Management
Click here to watch our 4-part webinar series.
Tips for a Green Records Management Program Check Out Our Breakthrough in Green Filing!
With tabZEROfile, we’ve created a 100% recyclable, carbon-neutral folder made of certified products from well-managed forests. Even the packaging is recyclable and reusable! We also participate in a carbon-offsetting program by contributing to a Garcia River National Forest Project in California to offset the carbon emissions created from manufacturing the tabZEROfile folder.

If you’d like to speak with a consultant about how we can help your clients store more in less space, please contact us.