June 2014 Architect Newsletter: Green tips for records storage and LEED certification


JUNE 2014


1. Featured resource: How to Design a Green File Storage Solution.

Green File Storage Design

As emphasis on environmental stewardship grows, many business organizations are looking for ways to reduce the impact of operational and administrative activities. This resource will show you how to store and manage files to support various environmental objectives.


Download the white paper.

2. Green storage in action: LEEDing the way with Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls LEED case study

When Johnson Controls Inc. wanted to expand their Wisconsin headquarters, they set out with an ambitious objective: to become a LEED Platinum Certified complex and the world’s most sustainable campus. Learn about the steps they took and solutions that helped them achieve their goal.

Read the case study.

3. Working on a LEED project? Get help from TAB.

Achieving LEED certification isn’t easy. You need to look for every opportunity to achieve economies and reduce the impact of operations. TAB can help. Our records management team has extensive experience implementing LEED-friendly storage and records management solutions.


Read an overview of how TAB supports LEED.

4. Maximize your use of space with mobile storage systems

High-Density Mobile Storage Systems

Nothing reduces your storage footprint as well as mobile shelving systems. Compared to traditional filing cabinets, high-density mobile shelving can increase your utilization of space by 300 percent! For any designs requiring maximum space economy, mobile is definitely the way to go.

Learn more about TAB’s mobile storage systems.

5. Learn how to earn LEED-NC points with High-Density Storage

AIA/CES Presentation

As an educational service to architects and designers, TAB offers AIA Continuing Educational Seminars (CES) on storage and space planning. In this one-hour session you will learn how high-density storage systems can help a project earn points under various categories of the LEED-NC rating system.

Get more details and find out how to book your session.