March 2014 Architect Newsletter: Tips for storing and managing large documents



MARCH 2014

1. Featured resource: Guide to smarter storage.

Guide to smarter storage

This resource helps you asses your storage needs to choose the right storage solution for your situation. It also covers how to make the most of what you already have and how to determine the ROI of your shelving solution.

Download the guide.

2. Smart storage in action: managing large documents at a land registry office

Land Registry Office custom large document storage case study

Large documents such as maps, site plans and schematic diagrams are not easy to store and make accessible. Find out how one land registry office used a combination of custom shelves and color-coded labels to better manage oversized documents.

Read the case study.

3. Video: Step-by-step guide to large document storage

Custom Large Document Storage Video

How can you make it easier to store large documents while keeping them secure, protected and accessible? This video shows you how.

Watch the video.

4. Large document storage solutions from TAB

TAB offers a range of flexible products to help you solve your large document storage challenges. This data sheet provides an overview and some photos of our large document solutions in action.

Download the resource.

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