September 2014 Architect Newsletter: Space planning newsletter for architects and designers





1. White Paper: Strategies in Centralized Filing

Green File Storage Design

Whether you are planning a new client facility or looking to optimize your own operations, a centralized approach to filing offers many potential benefits. However, centralized filing needs to be considered carefully because it also has several potential downsides. This white paper takes a closer look at centralization, helping you decide if it is right for your client or your own organization.


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2. Why RM and Facilities Management are Working Together

Green File Storage Design

TAB is seeing increased collaboration between facilities management and records management teams. Find out why and learn how they are finding synergies in this Q&A session with Janet Campbell from TAB.


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3. Storage Solutions: Go High-density Without the Hassle

High-Density Mobile Storage Systems

Many organizations shy away from high-density mobile shelving because of the time and expense of installing anchors and other mobile shelving hardware. With TAB’s EXPRESS-TRAC, the anchor-less track means you can install mobile shelving without attaching anything to the floor. It’s a faster, simpler way to go high-density.

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4. White Paper: Guide to Smarter Storage

Green File Storage Design

In this white paper, we share our expertise to help you make smarter decisions about storage. You will learn how to plan your storage needs, choose which equipment to purchase, and estimate ROI.

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5. Seminar: Minimizing Your Storage Footprint in Government Agencies

AIA/CES Presentation

As an educational service to architects and designers, TAB offers AIA Continuing Educational Seminars (CES) on storage and space planning. In this course, we show you how to balance space efficiency and cost efficiency when designing solutions for the government sector.


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