September 2015 Architect Newsletter: Space planning resources







1. TAB Floor Load Handbook

high density mobile shelving floor load handbook

This handbook was written to help architects and engineers ensure that floors are able to accommodate a compact mobile shelving solution. In this guide, you’ll learn: how to calculate the overall weight load, the optimal location and orientation of the shelving unit, considerations for access, and much more.

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2. Get help reducing the volume of client files

TAB SMART - Streamline. Manage. Access. Retain. Toss

Industry estimates show that over fifty percent of the records found in a typical collection don’t actually need to be retained.

Our TAB SMART service can help. Let our consultants and experienced knowledge workers help you safely and securely purge unneeded documents.

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3. Learn about minimizing storage footprints in government agencies

AIA CES Provider

As an educational service to architects and designers, TAB offers AIA Continuing Educational Seminars on a range of topics. One of our courses focuses on how recent trends are shaping storage requirements within government agencies. You will learn how to deliver solutions that meet a growing demand for space savings, cost savings and energy efficiency. Each seminar is one hour in length and conducted by an AIA-authorized member from TAB.

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