Storage & Space Saving

Office space is expensive, so when companies need to create more storage for their equipment and records, they are looking for the most economical way to house more in less space.

That’s why the right storage solution needs to offer an efficient footprint and compatible design, and be easy-to-access as well as cost-effective. Choosing TAB storage solutions can help you fulfill those requirements.

From design through installation, TAB can work with you to provide a comprehensive space planning solution that:

  • incorporates smart choices in file storage, equipment and supplies
  • makes the best possible use of physical space
  • implements proper records management strategies along the way

Reference our Floor Load Handbook to help determine a floor system’s ability to safely support a compact mobile filing system.

The product solutions below will help ensure that your client’s physical storage operates at its highest capacity and is the most efficient it can be.

For more ways to improve your clients’ storage, download our complete Space Planning Toolkit here!

High-Density Mobile Storage Systems Mobile storage systems
Check out our full range of mobile systems that can double the storage capacity of a filing area and can increase space utilization by up to 339%! Read more…
Open shelving Open shelving
For high-density, highly active filing environments, these flexible, modern and open-design shelving units maximize available space. Read more…
Filing cabinets Filing cabinets
Where accessibility and security are concerns, these are the ideal solution, offering twice the filing capacity of traditional roll-out drawer cabinets. Read more…
Filing supplies Filing supplies
Using the proper filing supplies, such as end-tab folders and color-coded labels, is a great way to create further space efficiencies. Read more…
Filing supplies Custom Solutions
We can design and implement customized storage systems to fit your client’s unique needs.Read more…

For more information on how TAB can solve your client’s storage challenges, call 1-866-838-4732 or click here to contact one of our space planning consultants.