Filing Cabinets

Where accessibility and security are concerns, TAB’s filing cabinets are the ideal solution, offering twice the capacity of traditional, lateral rollout drawers (and in less space) as well as locking mechanisms.

When you need to provide storage for your client’s front-of-store areas, and other spaces where aesthetics are important to business operations, these units are the ideal choice.

We can show you how to maximize your client’s available storage and incorporate TAB cabinets to increase space utilization by up to 82%.

Filing cabinets maximize storage space Designer Cabinets
A combination of drawers and shelves can be customized to accommodate any media. Choose drawers for top-tab filing needs, or shelves/doors for side-tab filing in the same cabinet.
Spacefinder Cabinets Spacefinder Cabinets
A lateral, fixed-shelf design reduces the floor space required and allows for side-tab identification of folders, which speeds up filing and retrieval times.
Twinfile Rotary Cabinets Twinfile Rotary Cabinets
Rotating cabinets designed with a turning configuration that provides access to all contents on each side of the unit, and which can be closed and locked for a secure, clean look. Available in six heights and multiple interior configurations to fit your client’s way of doing business.

If your clients are interested in environmentally friendly storage solutions, read How to design a green filing storage solution.

For more information on how TAB can solve your client’s storage challenges, call 1-866-838-4732 or click here to contact one of our space planning consultants.