Mobile Storage Systems

With the cost and availability of work space at a premium, maximizing the capacity of storage is crucial. TAB provides a range of flexible mobile storage systems that do that and also benefit your clients by:

  • making better use of all their available space
  • saving money by enhancing and modifying their existing shelving and storage systems
  • speeding access to, and retrieval of, their business-critical information

Our systems are available in manual, mechanical-assist or electrically operated styles, depending on the type and weight of media your client is storing.

These shelving units are mounted onto moveable carriages that can more than double the storage capacity of a filing area, or free up space for other uses. In fact, these mobile storage systems can increase space utilization by up to 339%.

Mobile storage sytems increase space utilization

To explore more shelving options, download TAB’s Guide to Smarter Storage.

For a quick look at how TAB’s mobile storage can reduce storage costs and improve space utilization, download our Innovative Storage Solutions Brochure.

EXPRESS-TRAC II anchorless mobile system EXPRESS-TRAC II: The value solution for modular file storage
Costing up to 20% less than traditional mobile systems, EXPRESS-TRAC II can be relocated without disassembly, making it ideal for organizations and departments that move frequently. Consider this option with floors that aren’t suitable for anchors, such as those in vaults and coolers.
TAB-TRAC High-Density Mobile Storage TAB-TRAC: The flexible high-density mobile solution
Ideal for areas where high capacity and secure storage is required, TAB-TRAC comes with 2 operating systems. The Mechanical-Assist System, for larger offices and heavier loads; and the Manual System, for smaller offices with less frequent record retrieval.
POWER-TRAC electrical heavy-duty mobile storage POWER-TRAC II: The heavy-duty high-density solution
This is the choice for storing large amounts of heavy media. One-touch directional control provide instant access to contents; emergency stop guarantees safety.
Modular Mobile economical mobile storage Modular Mobile: A first step in mobile storage
An economical way to optimize the capacity of a small file area, this system can be used with your client’s existing cabinets and adjusted at any time, even when fully loaded. The system can easily be relocated and expanded as needed.
SIDE-TRAC lateral movable storage solution 
SIDE-TRAC: The simple lateral mobile solution
SIDE-TRAC makes cabinets even more efficient and is ideal for high-density, decentralized file areas that require aesthetic appeal. Cabinets are arranged in two compact rows with easy access to the back row.

For more information on how TAB can solve your client’s storage challenges, call 1-866-838-4732 or click here to contact one of our space planning consultants.