Open Shelving

For high-density, highly active filing environments, office shelving systems with flexible, modular, and open designs maximize your client’s space.

This form of storage also allows for immediate access to a large number of files within a limited area and makes it easier to store, retrieve and shift those files. An open-shelving option can help your clients increase their space utilization by up to 140%.

For more open shelving options, download TAB’s Storage Solutions Brochure.

Open shelving improves space utilization 

Four-Post Shelving
Versatile, cost-effective and low-cost, this system offers built-in flexibility and expansion possibilities. The unique, interlocking, snap-together design allows for tool-free assembly and quick installation.
Large Document Storage Solution Large Document Shelving
This system’s vertical storage, rather than traditional horizontal, flat storage, uses up to 75% less space, allowing your clients to store large documents efficiently and cost-effectively.
Unit Spacefinder Unit Spacefinder
For highly active filing environments where equipment aesthetics are important, this system also offers lateral storage that can accommodate any media. Durable plastic boxes slide across a rail-track, offering space where and when clients need it.

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