Who We Work With

Office moves. Business development or expansion. Mergers and acquisitions. These are a few of the times you are called in to help your clients devise efficient space planning and maximize their storage capacity. You have to consider design, function, load factors, and more.

When it comes to storage of your client’s business-critical components—paper records, equipment, multimedia or anything else—TAB can provide you with the best solution to help them manage greater volumes more efficiently and in less space.

We can also help you provide your clients with a well-designed and customized Records Management program that, when combined with the proper storage solution, will further reduce their space requirements and labor costs.

TAB’s architecture and design experience

TAB can help you differentiate your firm’s offering and add value to your business.

For the past 60 years, we have been providing architecture and design firms with expert advice to assist them in understanding how records management principles can significantly reduce space requirements for their clients.

From choosing the ideal file storage to color coding those files, TAB will provide you with a solution that benefits any business. Think of us when your clients:

  • have a large volume of records, paper or non-filing storage requirements
  • need to reduce their storage costs
  • have limited space in which to store business records
  • need a better way to organize, access and manage their critical information

TAB’s industry partnerships

We have worked with a range of public- and private-sector clients and understand the unique records management challenges faced in a variety of industries.

Our records management professionals match design with function by understanding the operational considerations of the client and matching those to the architectural considerations of the designer.

Not all filing rooms are created equal, so we work with all parties to understand the unique factors that impact your client’s space planning and access to critical information.

Our innovative solutions have helped reduce costs and improve space utilization for organizations in the following sectors (below). For a quick look at the many industries we’ve helped, take a look at our Innovative Storage Solutions brochure.

Government/Military Storage Solutions Government / Military
For government and military organizations, managing different storage needs cost-effectively while meeting freedom of information and privacy requirements is a constant challenge. Read more…
Public Saftety/Justice Market Storage Solutions Public Safety / Justice
From law enforcement offices to crime labs, courthouses and corrections agencies, all public safety facilities can be more efficient with the right storage solutions in place. Read more…
Healthcare Storage Solutions Healthcare
It is a challenging time in the healthcare sector, creating a number of records-related issues. The good news is that we can work with you to find records management and storage solutions that help meet these challenges. Read more…
Education Market Storage Solutions Education
With rising populations and shrinking budgets, schools are looking for the most effective ways to store a wide range of items, such as academic records, applications, financial aid forms, athletic equipment, as well as various books and media in their libraries. Read more…
Museum Storage Solutions Museums
Museums hold and maintain a variety of unique collections that require specific storage solutions. Whether your client’s collection consists of specimens, garments and textiles, archeological artifacts or rare paintings, they need a storage solution that will ensure every item is protected and easy to access. Read more…
Retail Storage Solutions Retail
Efficient stockroom storage is essential for the success of any retailer. The right in-store and stockroom shelving can maximize inventory capacity, help reduce the amount of stock retained, and lead to lower storage costs. Read more…
General Business Storage Solutions General Business
No matter what business your clients are in, the information held in their records is a valuable corporate asset. The right records management system supports business goals and objectives, turning this asset into a business advantage. Read more…

For more information on how TAB can solve your client’s records management challenges, call 1-866-838-4732 or click here to contact one of our space planning consultants.