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Business Records Storage Solutions

Business Records Storage Solutions

No matter what business your clients are in, the information held in their records is a valuable corporate asset. The right business records management and storage systems can support corporate goals and objectives, turning this asset into a big advantage.

Remember, the ability to quickly locate records and documents can determine how successful a business will be. This means that filing and storage systems are critical for a sound records management program as well as the daily operation of every business.

TAB’s role

TAB has deep experience in corporate records management and our experts can help not just with storage and shelving equipment, but with complete systems designed to save floor space and increase worker productivity, including all the accessories, supplies, and services necessary to make your client’s business more efficient.

Regardless of whether your client’s records are paper or electronic—or both—we can provide a complete framework to facilitate the organization, accessibility, and management of their information. This includes:

  • finding better ways to manage operations, finance, customer and human resources records
  • identifying better business records storage methods and space utilization
  • ensuring compliance with current and pending regulatory requirements
  • training employees on policies and procedures for corporate records and information management

No matter what the industry, TAB has the core competencies—the people, the philosophies and the proven methodologies—to turn your client’s records into a business advantage.

Read how a new filing structure helped BankUnited store and locate files more quickly.

Find out how installing TAB-TRAC mobile storage allowed Household Finance Corporation to store over 100,000 financial records in limited space and increase employee productivity by 89%.

For more on how records management systems can enhance space planning, read Space Planning in RM, Doing More with Less.

For more information on how TAB can solve your client’s storage challenges, call 1-866-838-4732 or click here to contact one of our space planning consultants.