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Student Record Storage Solutions

Student Record and Library Storage Systems

Student populations are on the rise and budgets are shrinking. That’s why schools are looking for the most cost effective way to maximize their capacity to store a multitude of records and physical items, such as academic records, applications, financial aid forms, athletic equipment, and various books and media in their libraries.

TAB’s role

Each school and each department can face unique records storage challenges. TAB has provided records management and storage solutions for all levels of education in individual departments—such as admissions, financial aid, registrars’ offices, facilities, athletics, human resources, and more. Our clients include:

  • school districts
  • private and charter schools
  • community colleges
  • private and public colleges and universities

We know access to information must be quick and easy, so our high-density shelving is designed to meet the growing needs of the education sector. From high-density shelving and mobile file storage to optimized room layout and customized file folders, we can help ensure that your client’s physical storage is performing at peak efficiency.

Read how the University of Washington worked with TAB to create storage that included anti-drift breaks and met strict structural engineering requirements.

For more on our partnerships in education, download Malcolm X College Case Study and the University of Toronto Case Study

For more information on how TAB can solve your client’s storage challenges, call 1-866-838-4732 or click here to contact one of our space planning consultants.