Public Safety / Justice Solutions

Police Property and Evidence Storage

Police Property and Evidence Storage

From law enforcement offices to crime labs, courthouses and corrections agencies, all public safety facilities can benefit from having proper storage solutions implemented.

Increases in arrests and inmate populations mean an increase in records and documentation associated with those activities. That makes it even more important for public safety and justice facilities organizations in this sector to optimize their storage efficiency and minimize their storage footprint.

TAB’s role

TAB records management professionals have the experience, along with the products and services, which can help these facilities maximize their existing space.

The proper high-density mobile storage system will:

  • allow faster access to case files, court records, property and evidence
  • provide stronger integrity of evidence throughout the chain of custody
  • preserve evidence until it is presented in a court of law
  • ensure weapons and gear are always ready and secure
  • maximize security to prevent unauthorized access

TAB can help any public safety facility optimize its storage efficiency—and in most situations their storage space requirements can be cut in half.

Read how TAB helped a New England Police department design a mobile system that doubled their storage capacity and improved access to evidence.

The Innovative Filing Solutions Brochure includes more ways to address the storage needs of this sector.

For more information on how TAB can solve your client’s storage challenges, call 1-866-838-4732 or click here to contact one of our space planning consultants.