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TAB offers AIA continuing educational seminars (CES) on storage space planning.

Each seminar is one hour in length and features a variety of storage applications and solutions.  Authorized members of TAB can present the seminars at your facility and throughout the U.S.

All AIA/CES registered seminars are worth 1 learning credit and all qualify for Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) learning credits. Some seminars also qualify for  Sustainable Design (SD) credits as well.

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AIA Continuing Educational Seminars (CES)

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AIA Continuing Education Seminars Offered:

00AIA1—Alternative Storage Methods in Today’s Workplace (1 Learning Credit—HSW Approved)

This program reviews the proper methodology for researching, evaluation and selecting proper storage methods. We cover key steps in implementing reliable storage planning, understanding various types of stored materials and storage methods, and calculate the cost and capacities of different storage methods. We demonstrate the concept of high-density mobile storage, examine storage-specific architectural considerations, and review various high-density mobile storage uses.

00AIA2–Green Design Strategies with Today’s Storage Solutions (1 Learning Credit, HSW & SD Approved)

This program features a variety of storage applications to demonstrate how you can save valuable time in support of your storage space planning projects. It will help you understand how high-density storage can have a direct impact on our natural environment, economy, health and productivity, including indoor environmental quality, materials and resources that are used, reduced building sizes for sustainable sites, and reduced energy consumption.

00AIA4–How High-Density Storage Systems Can Contribute to LEED Credit (1 Learning Credit, HSW & SD Approved)

This program focuses on the categories of the LEED-NC rating system where high-density storage systems can assist projects in earning points. It demonstrates how cost savings can be realized when including high-density storage systems in your storage space planning projects. It helps you understand how high-density storage can have a direct impact on green building design, and how it can contribute to LEED certified projects.

00AIA5–Minimizing Storage Footprint in Government Agencies (1 Learning Unit, HSW & SD Approved)

This program focuses on trends that are influencing government facilities’ storage and office workspace challenges and how those trends affect the storage solutions implemented. It demonstrates how to balance space efficiency with cost efficiency when examining architectural storage-design ideas. We review various high-density storage applications and how they can be used in space planning projects for the government sector. This presentation also covers the importance of working with a vendor who has its own environmental policies in place to reduce the overall impact on our environment.

00AIA6–Turnkey Storage Solutions for the Public Safety Sector (1 Learning Credit, HSW credit) Experience Level: Intermediate

This program explains why efficient storage and space planning is becoming more important in the public safety and justice market. By understanding the concept of high-density mobile storage and key steps to reliable storage planning, it ensures the right type of equipment, as well as space requirements, are properly addressed. Various high-density mobile storage applications and storage specific architect considerations address challenges faced by many public safety facilities. Having proper storage solutions specific to Property & Evidence rooms along with the right Property & Evidence Management software system, can complement the property rooms’ specific storage needs, and provide a complete and efficient solution so integrity of the P&E room is ensured. It is also important to find a partner who can provide additional turnkey records management services to increase efficiencies and improve space utilization. This will help to save time, space, money and minimize exposure to risk.